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Project Director

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Finance Director

Our Story

BuildScape was established in 2014, with the principle of bringing economical, high-efficient and environmentally sustainable building methods to serve the local construction industry. 

Currently BuildScape has teamed up with the Malaysian Government to bring more affordable housing to the public. 

Our Vision 

Making housing affordable and economical to live in for everyone.

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Our Partner

Industrialised Building System

To achieve maximum efficiency and minimum wastage, BuildScape uses a Prefabricated Lightweight Concrete Sandwich Panel called b-panel to achieve optimum results. It is a form of modular construction, or also known as Industrialised Building System (IBS) in Malaysia. 

IBS is a term used in Malaysia for a technique of construction where the components are manufactured in a controlled environment, mostly off site with only minor alterations done on site if needed and assembled into a structure with minimal additional works on site (CIDB, 2003).


As most of the construction works are done in the factory, BuildScape is able to help reduce the project time significantly up to 50%. Which translates to savings in labour cost. Due to this, the Malaysian government has recently mandated that 70% of government projects should comprised of IBS components.

What differentiates BuildScape from other IBS companies in Malaysia is the usage of b-panel. With its superior heat and sound insulation, we are able to construct housing that are both economical to built, and to live in.  Besides that, due to its built components, structures built are monolithic which not only allows it to be a structural wall but also withstand earthquakes. 

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